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Happy Coke from Coop has driven out the original market share

Since Coop was not satisfied with the Coca-Cola prices, retailers launched their car. The first balance is positive.

Coca-Cola reduced bottles to 0.45 liters, but not lower. This made a Coop pEN (BLICK reported). Basler created with an American giant drink and looks for a local alternative to coke. Happy Cola is on the shelf since April.

It seems that the Helvet shower was well received by the consumer. "We've already drove Coca-Cola with our Happy Cola a third of half a liter of bottles," says Coop Urs Meier. It's sensational. Happy Cola is full! »

«Swiss Success Story»

A small bottle of Coca-Cola will continue to be within range, it is still very popular. You're running a Coca-Cola negotiating discount? "We are in constant contact with our suppliers, including Coca-Cola," Meier says.

Happy Cola will not disappear from the shelves if it can agree with US multinational low-price drink companies. "Happy Cola is a Swiss success story," Meier says. He thinks that "it is not excluded" that one day Fanta and Sprite will be supplemented with the original variant. "We are constantly testing alternatives from Switzerland."

Other traders rely on private brands

Happy Cola is charged with the Swiss Holderhof drink producer in Henau SG. A half liter bottle is available in Coop for CHF 1.20. Collected original Cola-Fläschli (0.45 liters) costs 1.35 francs.

Coop is not the only one in its strategy to compete with more expensive products of its own brand. For example, Migros sells M-budget chips together with more expensive ones. In Valor's kiosks, OK Energy Drink is one of the best-selling products – although the original on Red Bull is also on the shelves.

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