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Nokia returns to the Swiss mobile phone market

Apple and Samsung are undisputed top dogs in the Swiss mobile phone market. Behind them, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei and the old connoisseur have established themselves.

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Arto Nummela, director of HMD Global, is showing the new Nokia. (Image: Emilio Morenatti / Keystone (February 26, 2017)

Arto Nummela, director of HMD Global, is showing the new Nokia. (Image: Emilio Morenatti / Keystone (February 26, 2017)

The dead say they live longer. When Apple moved the smartphone market with iPhones eleven years ago and found Samsung from Korea with high-quality devices on the road to success, the end of a former leader in the world market of Nokia seems to be sealed. Microsoft's technology company had to help financially troubled Fina out of trouble. After all, it was a Finnish manufacturer of electronic devices HMD Global, which gave Nokia a new life five years ago.

The first stupid models of Nokia are now cult. But even the latest models from Finland find their customers in Switzerland. According to a comparative comparative comparative Internet service Comparis, devices from Finland have become the number four on the Swiss market this month (see chart below). With a market share of three percent, Apple and Samsung for Finance are out of reach. But, at least, Nokia learned of the immersion.

Nokia has a strong brand and is well positioned

For Nokia's return, they are mainly responsible for two causes, says telecommunications expert Jean Claude Frick. "Nokia's brand continues to be a great attraction, even for boys who have not experienced the climax of these mobile phones, it's the concept," says Frick. On the other hand, the company is moving in a quality and price segment that is well received in Switzerland. «Android models ranging from 250 to 500 francs are adapted to the Swiss market. Cheap mobile phones for 100 francs are considered inferior, and more than 1000 francs want to spend the smallest consumer on a smartphone. "In particular, the Nokia 5 and 6 are well sold.

The two leaders of Apple (iPhone) and Samsung have struck differently compared to the previous year. Americans got three percent of market share, and Koreans lost the same amount. "Both of them worked hard for their highest positions," says Frick. Apple meets high purchasing power in Switzerland. They produce premium products here for more accessible to a larger population than in other countries. Frick: "It adds that Apple was previously present with the notebook. The brand has already been well established when the iPhone came to market." Samsung's global market leader started more than 20 years ago, and cheap arrangements are in place to shake the mobile phone market . In the meantime, South Korean conglomerate smartphones are also successful at medium and high prices. Frick: "Samsung has a wide range of prices and is also interesting for users who do not want to spend a lot of money on the device."

According to Telecommunications experts, Samsung should be hard to stay behind another number behind Apple. "Apple is considered to be a premium product, expensive and good, and the US should be able to defend its leadership position in the next few years, but the Chinese technology giant Huawei can now compete freely with Samsung, and will probably continue to grow in Switzerland with its resources. It would not surprise me if Huawei left Samsung on the Swiss market in two or three years, "says Frick, with conviction.

Huawei wins the world market

The Chinese have a strong domestic market and have sold nearly 50 million smartphones worldwide only in the second quarter of this year. This is an annual increase of more than 13 percent. With the number of units sold, Apple placed third in the world market. Like Samsung, Huawei is present at all prices today. Koreans remain at the top, but their sales are stagnating, they lose market share primarily on Huawei.

Frick: "The rapid advancement of Huawei is even more surprising because the company is hampered in the US market and can not get there." However, as far as profitability is concerned, Apple is at the forefront. "Americans make up 50 to 70 percent of the profits made in the industry," Frick estimates.

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