Friday , March 5 2021

Pitt and Jolie can not agree

In fact, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie want to reach a court agreement on detention. They have now canceled the meeting for now.

Warfare between Brad Pitt (54) and Angelina Jolie (43) has no end. In fact, the two wanted the custody of children to be properly regulated by the end of the year. But apparently they did not come up with any common denominator, as the US Blast reported. Therefore, they extended the previous contract for half a year.

Children should not be in court

Final Judge John Ouderkirk, December 4, two have already been canceled. It seems that Jolie also realized that it does not make sense to bring her children to the custody and expect to choose Mom or Dad.

If that was at Pitt, the two would agree without a judge. But the absurdly high demands of Jolie should make it necessary to go to court. Allegedly, she even shook her lawyer's head when she heard her client's ideas.

Jolie wants more money

The second point between Jolie and Pitt: she claims that her former paid her little maintenance. She is not happy with money based on her two-year marriage. It requires that eight years in which they live together acknowledge. She does not need money: her fortune is estimated at 180 million francs. (Bnr)

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