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Rivian comes before Tesla and introduces an electric pick-up

A secret drive is introduced by an electric pick-up that Tesla wants

From nowhere, the start from the United States was introduced by two electric vehicles, which will start production until 2020. Interestingly, Rivian is not a newcomer of electric cars, but a company that has been nine years old. Already in 2009, Rivian founded MIT's professor R. J. Scaringe – at that time, Tesla Model S. was not even on the market.

Since then, Rivian has secretly dealt with two vehicles and has grown into a company of 500 million, with over 600 employees. Investments largely come from Saudi Arabia and Japan. The company's goal is to bring electric power to the world of adventure vehicles.

Pickup is delivered in three different versions, all of which are consumed at 200 kilometers per hour. Each wheel of the pickup is operated by its own electric motor. Configurations of 105, 135 and 180 kWh are planned, and the best model has a range of up to 640 kilometers. It charges up to 160 kW of power, with a quick purchase that provides 80 percent battery capacity in only 50 minutes.

Electric pickup Rivian R1T from all sides:

For the body, Rivian relies on a double cabin and four doors for a typical American pickup truck. So it can experience unusual adventures with a car of 5.50 meters long, has a depth of one meter and has been developed at 45 degrees. According to Rivian, you can take a pick-up load of up to 5 tons and a maximum of 800 kilograms. The highest version should be medium, which has an equivalent of about 750 HP (562 kW). This will take you from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in three seconds.

On the same platform Pick-a Rivian also builds SUV R1S. The so-called skateboard platform was developed initially, especially for electric cars, and will later serve as the basis for the crossover model. Rivian even wants to share the platform with other manufacturers if necessary.

Skateboard platform. Picture: Rivijans

Two vehicles are being built at the former Mitsubishi plant in the United States. While the first production model, but the tape does not work, you need to be patient. According to Rivian, the pick-up presented is a 92% complete car of the production model. By 2020 at the latest, they should be produced – but no more than 50,000 units a year. By comparison, Tesla in the meantime produces more than 80,000 cars per quarter.

In the US, cars can now be pre-ordered for a $ 1,000 deposit. At the price, both models range from $ 69,000 to $ 100,000, depending on the model. Whether Rivian brings its vehicles to Europe, the start has not yet been announced.

The early concept that Tesla showed at the presentation of Tesla trucks. Image: Tesla

With their pick-up Rivian challenged pioneer Tesla. Elon Musk has confirmed several times that the job takes place on the pick-up in Teslav Kork and looks extremely futuristic. However, according to Muska, the model Y and 3 and Tesla trucks are even more important at this time. (Pls)

Who also wants to build an electric car: Kalaschnikow.

China is the leader in the electric car market:

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