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The Star of "Houses of Cards" Kate Mara suffered an abortion in front of her daughter

Updated June 14, 2019, 17:17

The Star of "Houses of Cards" Kate Mara and her husband Jamie Bell were happy parents of a healthy daughter since May 2019. But it was a dark shadow during pregnancy.

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That her daughter was born is more than a little miracle for actress Kate Mara. Because, as revealed in the Podcast of Informed Pregnancy,

The doctor immediately realized that something was wrong

At the first meeting, the doctor immediately noticed that something was wrong with the baby. "He could not detect an embryo on ultrasound, but a pregnant woman's bag," she said. Then he said: "Maybe it's not exactly the right moment." Kate Mara did not give up hope until she got a sad pregnancy in the third month that the baby would fail. In the end, it should turn out that something is wrong with the egg.

Just a little later, she's pregnant again

Mara and her husband were devastated, but shortly afterwards, the actress again held a positive test in her hands. "It was weird, bitter-sweet, I was happy on the one hand, but also sad that we were not as enthusiastic as the first time." But this time your child needs to be healthy. "Today we are so happy that everything went well, that's just wonderful." (FOS)
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The sixth and final season of the "House of Cards" is impatiently anticipated. Who will ultimately win the game of power and intrigue in the gloomy American political world?

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