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呛 Ke Wenzhe won only 3,000 votes. Net exposure of Zhou Yuxi lost more than 3,000 votes the same year! | Politics | NOWnews Today's News

▲ Zhou Yuxi Ke Wenzhe has just won over 3,000 votes of shame. (Picture / Flip Photo Book, 2018.11.28)

Ding Shouyi laughed that Ke Wenzhe won over 3,000 votes: "I'm shy when I want to," and Netizens crossed over Zhou Yuxi. In 2006, the number of votes for the Mayor of Taipei was only 3,372, and he laughed and said, "Give Keehaiu you still dare to laugh!"

Zhou Yuxi argued that the "white-green relationship" was developed after Ke Wenzhe's victory in the "Forward New Taiwan" program yesterday (27). And it's ridiculous that he won only more than 3,000 votes, if he was ashamed to die, and called Ke An to stay and fill the mayor. After broadcasting the program, Zhou Yuxi's remarks were transmitted to the PTT, and some uncertainties turned the number of votes she won in Taipei Mayor elections, and she only had 3,372 votes, and the vote was 0.26%, and lost is also the stranger's incompetent Ke Zhihai. : "Win three thousand votes to be ashamed, that only three thousand votes …"

The PTT has a net script that wrote: "Sister, it seems you do not get three thousand votes, because you only get three thousand votes, you have to win three thousand votes to be ashamed. It's only three thousand votes … And even Ke Zhihaidu Yes will you lose, Koseja will lose 300 votes, will it be more shy than winning three thousand votes? I think the DPP card for 2020 should be defeated by her, hehe. "The rest of the villagers followed her vinegar" even during "Lemons all conquer Zhou Yuxi, "" In the end, how deep is the shame, can you say such a thing? "" DPP is the man who really laughs. "

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