Thursday , June 24 2021

The chairman of Fed Bower stated that interest rates are just below the neutral level钜 亨 网 – International Economics

The Federal Reserve Chairman (Fed) on Wednesday described the current level of interest rate policy on a gradual tone, which can be interpreted as an indicator that the rate of interest rate increases will be lower in the future.

Bauer said on Wednesday that the interest rate "is just slightly lower than the neutral level".

Bauer told the Economic Club in New York that, according to historical standards, interest rates are still low, they are still a bit below the scope of economic neutrality estimates, that is, levels that will not accelerate or slow down economic growth.

At the beginning of October, Bauer said that the Fed's current policy could be far from neutral.

In a speech delivered in New York, Bauer described the overall risk of financial stability as treasured.

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