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Beginning of negotiations! What is the minimum wage in 2019?

The Commission for Minimum Wage Setting will meet in December to determine the minimum wage to be implemented next year. The Commission is expected to complete at least 4 meetings and work at the end of the month. In the Commission, workers, employers and the state are represented by 5 members. The Commission makes its decisions by a majority vote. TURK-IS, commission members, while the employers of the Federation of Employers' Trade Unions of Turkey (TISK) are presenting. For the first time this year, representatives of TÜRK-İŞ will be a minimum worker.

TÜRK-İŞ President Ergün Atalay, with a rapid increase in inflation, with DİSK chairman Arz Çerkezoglu, urged employers in September to raise the minimum wage to 2 thousand lire without waiting for the end of the year. Atalay, this call can not get results, the minimum wage that is applied in 2019. 2 thousand lire "must be" over many, he said.

In 2016, the minimum wage support by the state, which increased by 29% in 2016, ended in September this year with the support of a minimum salary of 100 pounds per month. The employers' sector claims that the minimum wage costs for workers are increased by 5% for them, before they start to negotiate the minimum wage to complete the support.


Turkey Confederation of Employers Association (TISK), the minimum wage in the minimum salary committee meeting last year, 6 animals were asked to increase on a quarterly basis. TIK's demand was not taken into consideration during the past year. TIK's demand is expected to intensify this year due to high inflation.


Workers and civil servants such as civil servants, spouse work and the number of children under the minimum living allowance are applied. AGI means that the deduction of income tax is paid to the employee of the salary. The minimum allowance for life under the Income Tax Act is based on the minimum wage applicable at the beginning of the calendar year in which the earnings were paid. This AGI is applied throughout the year. AGI does not change when the minimum wage changes during the year. The minimum subsistence allowance came into force on 1 January 2008, when the tax rebate, in force since 1985, was abolished in 2007.

The minimum wage was increased in the six-month period from 1997 to 2003. While the annual increase was achieved in 2003, the minimum wage was re-implemented in the period 2004-2015. From 2016, the minimum wage is determined annually. If the minimum wage in January increases by 20% to be valid throughout the year, the unique salary will be 182,65 TL per month. If the minimum wage growth is set at 10 + 10% in six-month periods, then the monthly salary of a single employee decreases to 167.43 lire. Monthly 15.22 pounds, the annual loss of 182.64 pounds will be at stake. The salary of an employee of three spouses who do not work with his wife will find 25.88 pounds a month and 310.56 pounds a year.

When the minimum wage is increased by 25 percent, the monthly fee that will be paid by the individual wage earnings will be 190,26 lire. If the 25 per cent increase is increased by 12.5 + 12.5 per cent over a six-month period, in this case one employee will go to 171.24 TL per month. Monthly loss of 19.02, 118.14 pounds a year. The loss of earnings for three children who do not work with his wife, a monthly loss of 32.34, reaches 388.08 pounds a year.


The biggest argument in determining the minimum wage is the determination of the rate of inflation or targeted inflation. The Institute of Statistics of Turkey (Institute) on an annual basis in October, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was announced as an increase of 25.24 percent. In the latest Central Bank inflation report, inflation was 23.5 percent, and the estimate of 2019 was 15.2 percent.

In the New Economic Program (YEP), inflation expectations of 2018 are set at 20.8 percent, and the target for 2019 is 15.9 percent.

In the last decade between 2008-2018, the minimum wage was increased above the inflation of the previous year, except in 2009. If the minimum wage in 2018 is considered, it is possible to increase 20-25% and increase the target of inflation from 2019 by 20%.


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