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Beware of smoking users! The Minister of Health announced

Minister of Health Fahretin Koca made important statements in live broadcast. Minister Koco, "City hospitals are planning to do the hospital," he said. Fahretin Koca also announced that one type of package will be used for smoking.

When asked about the agenda in the television program, Minister Koco said:


People in the new era will not be free from the police station. Penalties will not turn into money. It is necessary to make a new arrangement with the will of the Assembly.


The number of beds was directed at 150 thousand in 2023. We have planned the complete health database at the highest level. We plan city hospitals to be university hospitals. Hospitals can cooperate with more than one university.

The Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Treasury and the Ministry of Finance have in no way signed a debt agreement.

Fight Against Swing

In this period, especially in recent years, we see a period in which there are problems in many applications, and this relationship is the period in which some of the previously acquired successes were shaded. I thank our deputies in parliament for the first passage of the number of those who support the non-unified application in Turkey.
From now on, the only type of application with one color in which the brand does not exceed 5 percent, will be activated after the approval of our president.

This is one of the items in the health package. The Assembly adopted.

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