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Employee salaries were casual, with a bonus of 30,000 euros

Added: 12 November 2018 20:18 – Updated November 12, 20:29

Hundreds of workers at the steel plant in Belgium have begun to look at the new week as they have opened an additional 30,000 euros (184,000) when opening their bank accounts.

According to local media, some workers are aware that this is a mistake while others are trying to pay their debts or go to the casino.

A worker who does not want to give his name: "When I saw how much money I had in my account, I was beaten, but it was a mistake, I did not touch the money.

The predictable company Thy-Marcinelle will be returning money from workers.

"They Pay Debt"
230 employees, about 1,600 euros per month, were surprised to receive a bonus of 100 Euros for the event in the Belgian city of Charleroi.

The company has invested 30,000 euros in bank accounts of employees.

One of the workers pulled some of this money from some of his colleagues and said, "I know one couple has gone to the casino, and several people have paid off their debts."

Experts believe that labor legislation in the country is clear. Etienne Pirt, a lawyer at the RTL television station in Belgium, said casual money had to be paid in full.

According to Mr. Pereek, this law is required even if the employees believe that they have the right to do so, even if they are honest.

All of them require additional delay in the recovery period.

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