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Huawei EMUI has appeared 10 images!

daily 470 million EMUI interface with active user, currently available for certain models Version 9.1 testing. However, the company Huawei EMUI 10 It seems that the development version has begun. The resulting images are from the new version interface It was also discovered.

Huawei EMUI has appeared 10 images!

In past processes Huawei P30 Pro EMUI 10, where is the beta version for XDA developers was established and tested by. Team analysis of the interface EMUI 10 i Android Q operating system. However, they did not skip the transfer of several image interfaces.

Huawei EMUI 10

The first look at the interface is very important in comparison to the EMUI 9 version aesthetics differences prescribe that I can say. or entry display, task bar i icons u It looks like there were changes. There are also changes in design settings. In addition, the team has experienced a beta, according to the EMUI 9.1 version of the interface faster in some way.

If you too Huawei P30 professional If you use this beta in the XDA Forum how establish You can find it. But for now, not much stable can be also We recommend that you consider.

About the new interface what Think?

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