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The bitter news of a student from İrem … unhappy death!

On May 1, 1948 … Rotary Years, returning to Hurriyet Turkish media marking Turkey's history and waking up new newspapers.

Hürriyet, who met with his readers on May 1, 1948, continues his broadcasting life without any concessions from the principle that unbiased news from his source siz and continues his position as a world media brand, assuming his position as pioneering and exemplary journalists of this sector.

Since then, today, on the first day without losing excitement, "Every day begins a new day and a rotary rotary", which institutionalized concept of Freedom is today one of Turkey's most readable newspaper and mirror of the Polyphonic Society. Birkitl for the newspaper, Turkey's farthest corner of the coffee shop, housewives are filled with wide readers to the kitchen, reaching 1.4 million people every day with the slogan of the printed newspaper. The globalizing world, within the changing journalistic understanding of the platform that will be in touch with readers and stakeholders in every platform, as well as print media, and a web-based mobile tablet that will complement millions of people daily, 68 percent a day reach 3 million visitors per day.

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