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Habits that are disgusting and socially harmful, but they are healthy

The release of wind, spit and turbulence .. harmful social habits, but – according to medical sources – can have multiple health and psychological benefits, what?

To the extent that some practices may seem unpleasant for us, they can benefit, and of course we must not report them so as not to hurt others around us.

Start the wind
The human body releases gases at least 14 times a day, and it works three to four times during sleep.

Since the body produces carbon dioxide and methane after six hours of eating, wind release is an effective way to eliminate these gases that can lead to bumps and some of the pains associated with it, according to Mind Body Green.

Do not swim in public places, but do it during exercise to regulate breathing.

This is because we resort to using our mouth to breathe when we are doing physical exercise, which leads to the creation of more saliva that prevents secretion and secretion.

It therefore becomes necessary to spit in order to free up accumulated saliva, which improves the breathing process. Spit in the napkin and throw it in the trash.

Social dentistry requires you to refrain from voting while eating, but in the end it is not usually bad. After eating large amounts of food, the drill can help reduce the amount of air trapped in the stomach.

If this prevents this from getting out, it can lead to stomach acid to the esophagus, which can lead to chest pains. In such a case, this grinding is an effective way to prevent these complications.

Do not shower regularly
Many studies show that bathing regularly has certain health benefits. Bathing contributes to the removal of essential oils from the body, skin and hair, which keep the moisture in the body and create good bacteria responsible for the glow and flexibility of our skin. Accordingly, there is no harm to refraining from regular bathing in the week.

Loss of calm nerves
Our loss of calmness and calmness of our nerves are not positive, but we must see things from another perspective, where we can break our anger and free ourselves from stress and negative feelings within us.

It should be noted that ejecting from rage does not necessarily mean screaming at your partner for work problems, but it's not harmful to sit and talk about what happened to you on the tone of anger.

Some psychology studies have recommended that people who speak someone's and insults are authentic because they are more honest than others. A medical study by Dr. Richard Stevens at Kelley University in Britain said insults are an effective way to alleviate pain.

The study concluded that people who spoke in terms of insults and insults while putting their hands in cold water could tolerate cold more than others, at a rate of 50%.

We have always refused to go to school because of our constant discomfort on time. But restlessness is not that bad, it's a physical activity that can burn about 100 calories per day.

If you feel restless all day without the ability to remain calm for some time, it can be troubling. However, this implies various health benefits.

Chewing gum
Chewing gum is probably a common practice, but it's safe to feel bad if you're dependent on it.

Regardless of the social aspect of the practice, research has shown that chewing gum helps in a better study, improves our ability to perform tests, increases concentration on assignments assigned to us, increases the severity and reduces stress.

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