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Here are 6 "sure" ways to get rid of straw

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Butterfly is not just a breach of body shape, but virtually absent in many abdominal fats or "rumen" is closely linked to heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, loss of lump and loss of fat will be of great benefit to your health and will help you live longer. Measurement of fat in the abdomen is measured by measuring the belt circle and easily performed at home by using a simple tape measure.

Abscess or abdominal obesity may be determined by men as 40 cm (102 cm) and women having a length of 35 inches (88 cm). Therefore, if you have too much oil in your cabinet, take a few steps to remove it, even if there is no fat. Fortunately, there are proven ways to get rid of abnormal and abdominal fractures, without affecting the rest of the body, these are simple steps that can be applied to people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and can all be used.

Here are six reliable ways to get rid of:

Do not eat sugar and avoid sugar
Excessive sugar consumption may be the main driver of abdominal and liver fat, which is particularly relevant to high sugar drinks, such as soft drinks.

2. Protein too much
Accepting too many proteins increases your metabolism and reduces hunger, which is a very effective way to lose weight. In many studies, protein has a particularly strong effect on the accumulation of fat in the body.

3. Reduce carbohydrates in your diet
Research has shown that carbohydrates have a significant effect on the removal of fat, fat, and liver fat.

4. Fiber high nutritional supplements
There are some arguments that can lead to a decrease in the fat content of the dissolved diet fiber. Eating vegetables and fruit can dramatically improve your health and reduce the risk of many diseases.

5 – Exercise exercises in the abdomen
If you try to get rid of the fat of the intestine, the exercise may be very effective. Exercises have other health benefits that can help you to live a good life and live longer.

6. Monitor the quality of your food and calculate calories
We all know that eating our diet is very important, but many do not know what to eat. Some people think of eating high protein or low-carbon foods or anything else, but they are too many or fewer. For anyone who wants to improve their diet, they control how much it feeds and how many calories in temporary foods are administered for the diet. This does not mean that you should count all things, but do some basic things, such as reading calories lists for some foods or using calories that affect food. It improves your plan.

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