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Numbers from Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries dream contest with Mustafa Al Agh at mbc

Many people ask for a Dream Contest number with Mustafa Alagha in 2019 to get a check. Grand prize for $ 3,000,000 million. You can easily enter the competition by sending a message with the word (dream or dream or discovery) to a number that suits your country, where we will place any numbers that may be through communication with media Mustafa Agha from the dream anchor program, which should be noted a lot of people from all countries have realized their dream of winning many valuable prizes worth about two hundred thousand dollars a month and other raffles to win the latest new cars.

Any Arab person can participate in the dream competition, but every competitor should know the lucrative numbers in the 2019 dream contest, where the word above is sent to you, then write your country number and then call, then you will receive many messages for the subscription process is correct, with many MBC ads.

Incoming dream numbers

Country Business Area Code Price / Message Saudi Arabia Mobily 650444 5 Saudi Arabia Zain 755505 5 Saudi Arabia Virgin Mobile 300300 5 Saudi Arabia Lebara 313131 5 SAR UAE Etisalat AED 57070 DU 3636 5 Dhs Kuwait GSM 4141 500 Fils Oman GSM 90434 500 Fils Bahrain 500 Fils Bahrain VIVA 98885 500 Fils Bahrain Zain 94000 500 Fils Iraq Asiacell 2266 1200 Iraqi Dinar Iraq Korek 2180 1200 Iraqi Dinar Iraq Zain 2770 1200 Iraqi Dinar Palestine jawwal 1623 3.5 NIS Palestine Wataniya 6750 3.5 NIS Egypt GSM 95458 5 Egyptian Pound Egypt GSM 95450 5 Egyptian Pound Jordan Orange 98880 70 piasters Jordan Umnia 98858 70 piasters Jordan Zain 98858 70 piasters Yemen MTN 2622 150 Riyal Yemen Sabafon 5222 150 Yemen Yemen Mobile 87602 150 Riyal Morocco INWI 9669 Moroccan 966ham Morocco Morocco 9 Morocco 96666 Morocco Dirham Syria Syrian 1565 75 Syrian pound MTN 1555 75 Syrian pound Tunisia GSM 85988 1,44 Tunisia Dinar Lebanon GSM GSM 008821622775 627

Finally, you can call the international GSM network at the following number "0088216101092", which is the number of a unified dream competition through which the names of the winners of the dream competition can be found.

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