Saturday , February 27 2021

Projects that strengthen the UAE leadership for humanitarian action

Abu Dhabi: The bay

As part of the efforts of the UAE government to maintain its position as the world's largest donor of ODA, compared to gross national income, the CTA team reviewed current and future challenges, available solutions and initiatives to strengthen the country's leadership in this humanitarian field.
The team considered a series of joint national initiatives in humanitarian actions, including the CEPO initiative to appoint a staff member or establish a coordination office in some primal countries. The mission is to monitor the implementation and management of external assistance projects and monitor their assessment and coordination of donors of the UAE.
The meeting also reviewed the Iranian Initiative for Emergency Response and Emergency Response.
The group is engaged in the initiative of the investment fund for foreign investments to establish a charity fund for all donors, after an investment institution that showed successful projects, so that funds could be invested and donations for profit making and increasing the volume of donations and other sources of funding for foreign assistance.
The team considered a number of strategic challenges in humanitarian aid, including ways to facilitate the work of UAE's foreign donors, maintaining the sustainability of UAE assistance projects and mechanisms to accelerate the financing of emergency relief. Humanitarian challenges have escalated to unprecedented levels over the past few years. , Require time to save in life.
In addition, the participants discussed mechanisms for diversifying and increasing sources of funding for foreign aid, as the UAE is striving to maintain its status as the largest donor of ODA in relation to gross national income.
The Working Group reviewed the results of the national indicators and targets by 2021. The ODA of the United Nations Gross National Income (GNI) showed a growth trend over the past four years, and the target for 2013-2016. Which exceeded the goal set by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Financing the Humanitarian Response in 2017 to $ 23.5 billion to help 141 million people, including 65.5 million people forcibly displaced.

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