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Russian scientists want to create astronomical labs on the Moon

Moscow – Yemen today

Russian scientists have suggested the beginning of the creation of physical astronomical labs on the Moon in the early 1930s, the director of the Russian Institute for Space Studies, Lev Zeliony, said scientists are planning to first publish two laboratories for conducting astronomical and cosmic research in the polar moon. 5 laboratories. His equipment and equipment will be transported to the Moon with super-heavy rockets.

A Russian scientist explained that robots will collect lunar laboratories, but the final process of the astronaut task within the lunar missions was filled, pointing out that a cosmic-ray space-based cosmology laboratory would record charged particles of high potential, knowing that studying these particles on Earth could be done only indirectly, i.e. By studying the effects of their interaction with the atmosphere.

He said the Astronomical Studies Laboratory would allow the recording of signals from distant airplanes located in other galaxies. The astronauts' roots can first visit the Moon in the early 1930s and establish the first moon base by 2035.

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