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Monaco 2: 0. Falco's feelings are killing the last hope ᐉ UA-Football

Colombian forward "Monaco" Radamel Falcao spent five years ago two very productive seasons in "Atletico". Tigar scored 70 goals, became the top scorer of Primera and Europa League, who won with the mattresses. Obviously, the meeting with the former team was special for him.

Thierry Henry, however, posted Falcao on the pitch only at the beginning of the second half, when the fate of the meeting had already been sealed. Already in the second minute, Badyashile cut the ball into his net after crossing to Coquet. In the middle of the first half, Griezmann, almost like Tyson, dealt with defense after passing to the left of Angel Correa.

"Monaco" was powerless. For the entire first half, France's vice-champion delivered only one goal in the direction of the opponent. With the release of Falcao in the 55th minute, the situation began to improve. In fact, Radamel had two great opportunities for Atletico to get harder. But, initially, he did not get a shot from the goalkeeper, and in 83 minutes he missed the goal, kicked the penalty. A 11-meter referee placed Savić with a hand in the game, who also won the second yellow and left Atletico in the minority.

Atletico - Monaco 2: 0. Falko's feelings are killing last hope - picture 1

In the last ten minutes, "Monaco" fired at the door of the mattress from a long distance, but none of the blows brought Yanu to Cloud. And in the penalty "Atletico" did not let the opponent. Tim Simeone quietly completed the task of the game – a card for a playoff in his pocket. Now it remains to find out where Real Madrid is in 1/8. However, in this situation, everything will depend on "Borussia", which today plays with "Brugge", and in the last round will go to "Monaco".

Champions league. Group 5th round

November 28 Madrid. Wanda Metropolitano

"Atletico" – "Monaco" 2: 0

Objectives: Binyashile 2 ag, Griezmann 23

In 83 minutes, Falcao did not convert penalty (po)

Atletico: Oblak – Philipe Louis, Aryas, Thomas Party, Coke (Vitolo 46), Griezmann, Angel Correa (Saul Nyiges 69), Lemar (Kalinić 63), Rodrigo Hernandez, Savich, Hernandez

Monaco: BENALU – Zhemerson, Tielemans, Golovin (Tyuram-Julien 63), Shadli (Diop 63), Raji, Grandseer, Badiashile, Silla (Falcao 55), Massengo, Biancon

Warnings: Griezmann 45, Savic 62, Thomas Parti 86, Filipe Luis 90 + 1 – Tielemans 54, Biancone 68

Uninstalling: Savitch 82 (second yellow)

# Tim I In H F M RM Oh
1 Atletico Madrid 5 4 0 1 9-6 +3 12
2 Borussia Dortmund 4 3 0 1 8-2 +6 9
3 "Brugge" 4 1 1 2 6-5 +1 4
4 "Monaco" 5 0 1 4 2-12 -10 1

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