Thursday , February 25 2021

NASA will announce the signing of new agreements within the lunar program

On Thursday, November 29, NASA will announce the signing of new agreements with US companies within the lunar program. This was announced by NASA's actor Jim Brydenstein on Twitter.

"The United States is returning to the Moon and we're doing it faster than you think," the report said.


As reported by Earth, NASA found a lost rover possibility. NASA believes that the cause can be a storm of dust, which makes the solar battery impossible to recharge and go into sleep mode. The device climbed to the slope of the crater Endeavor (from English – "desire") when the connection to it was interrupted. It was not possible to establish a connection with the rover.

Please note that archaeologists have announced the discovery of Noah's Ark on Solomon's throne in Iran. In the territory of modern Iran, in their opinion, Noah and his family float after the flood.

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