Tuesday , August 3 2021

On the 95th kilometer of Kvecal, the metropolis on the day of snow falls in Kyiv.

Evgeny Koshevi's "Quartz-95" star climbs all the way down the subway, and the comic has told himself about Instagram.

For the first time in six years, Kosovo has admitted to visiting the Kiev subway.

"In short, there are traffic jams everywhere, but do you know where to go? Six years on the subway, guys are six years but the stars do not go to the underground, but we are not really stars …" Osokorki station shot.

Yevgeny Kosheva urged drivers to be on the track as well.

After a while, the artist announced himself in the Moscow metro.

Ago Vgorode Vladimir Zelenskiy officially and informally presented the "Master-sergeants"

MOST news from Kyiv:

In Kiev, went to the unknown Anti-Andrew church

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