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Under Poltava, 5 people were injured in an accident with Toyota

Yesterday, July 13, at 167 km of the Poltava-Sumy highway, a terrible accident happened near the village of Brichkovka. According to the representatives of the police of the region Yuri Sulaev, the cars of the VAZ-21099 and Toyota Corolla collided here. As a result of a collision, Toyota set on a car on-site.

According to preliminary data, 5 people were injured, including a five-year-old child. All the injured are hospitalized. The police are putting the details of the accident, as reported by the portal Poltava region.

At the same time, the "Čuo u Poltava" resource released a video of a catastrophe on Facebook.


Toyota ran in the opposite tape and crashed into the VAZ. "Earth" from its own sources, it became known that the head of the regional organization "Officials of the people" Alexey Serdjukov drove to Toyota. In the car was a journalist Elena Kuzina.

Video: Andrej Petrov

At the same time, the official State Emergencies Ministry of Ukraine in the Poltava region officially states that the woman is a Toyota vehicle.

According to the Poltava police, the driver of the car VAZ-21099, born in 1978. (resident of Kremenchug) and a passenger born in 1980. delivered to the Intensive Care Unit of the 1st City Clinical Hospital in Poltava. A passenger born in 2007 was delivered to the intensive care unit at the children's city clinic hospital in Poltava.

The injuries of a 39-year-old VAZ passenger turned out to be incompatible with life – she died in the intensive care unit 1. GKB Poltava.

Earlier, "Earth" reported that a 10-year-old boy died in a car accident near Nikolaev. His father was a passenger car

We also said that in the Odessa region in the frontal collision, three persons were killed in the grain carriers.

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