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Xiaomi presented a "smart" door lock with six different unlocking modes

Xiaomi presented a "smart" door lock with six different unlocking modes

Na конференции для разработчиков 2018 MIDC Xiaomi AIOT v Peking's Chinese manufacturer introduced «умный» Door Lock Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock.

Что умеет

Устанавливается он, как и обычный дверной замок, вот только более стильный и умеет намного больше. Here, I have set up safety sensors i more than the secret technologies of protection.

No i Это еще не everything. Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock has six unlocking modes. This is a classic key, password, fingerprint scanner, NFC, Bluetooth or via a mobile application.

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<p>There is also support for the Xiaomi AIoT platform. When the door lock is disconnected, the system will know what you are<span class= home, and you can pop up, turn on the conditioner, adjust the temperature i активировать другие устройства «umnogo» home.

When and начинаю ждать

Sales of Xiaomi MIjia Smart Door Lock start on December 5, a its its cost is still a problem.

K слова, это далеко не the first door lock Xiaomi. V «bastards» Companies already have models Loock Classic, Aqara Smart Door Lock and Vima Smart Lock Cylinder.

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