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I'm the famous fans calling Holly Willoughby to replace Ant McPartlin

I celebrated Holly Willoughby fans last week and enjoyed her funny performance with Declan Donnelly.

Holly went in to cover Ant MackPartline as he took away his free time to focus on rehabilitation after the death of this time.

The 37-year-old presenter at first looked nervous about hosting the show, but since then he has warmed up for the role and put his seal

As he joked about his bill in order to really care about the friends who participated in the trials, the viewers liked Holly to be brave in the jungle.

So much so that some want to stay, not to return Mt.

I'm Celeb's viewers like Holly and Dec

Some viewers call Holly to replace Ant

Looking at Twitter, one viewer noticed: "Love Holly, do not think that Ant should come back" #ImACeleb. "

While others commented: "I want Anta next year, but I really love Holly, so I could take over an additional camp?" IMACeleb ".

Third remark: "Dec and Holly are much better than the ants and the children should be a permanent dual act of #imaceleb # imaceleb2018 #decandholly."

"#ImACeleb is still the best year, you love how everyone supported them and kindly to each other. Refreshingly, Holly is great for the show, although I hope that Ant will return to the future," he wrote.

One wrote, "The startling start of last week, but Holly got it. He found his legs, and chemistry works so well between her and Dec. Anta who?" IMACeleb ".

What do you think?

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