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The ancient drink of the medal is revived by the new fanbase of young drunks Society

Mead, one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, returns to the back of the boom in craft beer.

Honey beer sales rose in supermarkets after winning a strong base of fans among young pianists in beer and beer festivals.

The Heritage Humanitarian Organization for the Protection of Health in English Heritage claims that it is the largest trader in the UK from a medal through gift shops in its 400 historic buildings and monuments, as well as online; She said she sold the bottle every 10 minutes.

Meat sales rose by an average of 10% annually in the last three years, according to English heritage, and from April 2018 to March 2018 voluntarily sold 29,750 bottles, all from the Lyme Bay winery in Devon, the producer of medals awarded.

Mead, created by the fermentation of honey with water, dates back thousands of years and was once considered a drink of gods, falling from the sky like dew, and then collected from bees. It is also believed to improve health and prolong life.

"As one of the oldest honey in the world, alcoholic drinks sometimes had the famous reputation of" olde worlde ", but we saw that it has changed dramatically over the past five years," said Samuel Boulton, general manager of The Vanguard, cocktail bar and medica hall in Birmingham. "With success [the TV show] Game of Thrones, as well as an increase in the popularity of experimental cocktails, you can definitely call a new and incoming drink, and our customers truly enjoy the historical rejection with modern rotation. "

The Lyme Bay Winery consists of seven of its own brands, with different tastes, for England's heritage. In total, it is washed and sold more than 10 variations, including the taste of chilli and rhubarb and Christmas varieties, predominantly in standard 75cl bottles, but also in flags.

Her beverages are also sold through Waitrose and local Co-ops, as well as in farms, delicacies and garden centers.

Sophie Atherton, beer sommelier, said: "I see that increasing the popularity of the medal is associated with boom and ginning in gin, as well as love for food.

"Our culture today is full of desires for tasting new things and experiencing new tastes and despite the Medadian heritage it will be the newest majority of people. There may be some element of adding inaccessible historical surroundings, and you have a drink that everyone wants to be imagined."

Regional beer festivals organized by the real group Camra now often have well-stocked international sections. The beer festival in Cambridge in November served 15 different wings, all prepared in the UK and ranged from alcohol from 4% to 17%.

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