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Aston Martin DBX is the first prototype for the SUV

On Wednesday, Aston Martin opened its first prototype and gave us its first look at its expected gourmet.

The automaker also confirmed the DBX name of the vehicle, which will be produced next year at the new plant in Wales. The definition is scheduled for the end of 2019, which is a model of 2020.

Some readers recall that Aston Martin used DBX for the 2015 concept, which predicts the SUV (as shown below). There was a rumor that the car was moving to another name for production, and Varekai was one of those suggestions. Instead, the auto manufacturer has chosen to work with DBX, which connects the SUV to the sports car with the DB network.

Unlike photos and videos, DBX is a proportional SUV, similar to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. We look at the very early prototype as the design develops as a dynamic development. There are also many cameras, including fake panels that can be used to hide the real shape.

Uses a new platform, specially designed for a high-quality, SUV. Particularly, Aston Martin draws attention to the technology of suspension to solve the mass, size and purpose of SUV. This requires a new type of testing for automobile manufacturers, who normally pay attention to sports cars.

Aston Martin Chief Engineer Matt Becker for his first real test was a prototype of the Welsh Rally. Finally, prototypes around the globe will be sent to the Alps on the Arctic and desert deserts in the Middle East and the high speed requirements of the German motorway and the Nuremburgring rails.

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Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston Martin, for the first time, invented the SUV as a power machine, and Lagonda restored Aston Martin as a brand new electric car brand. Chief Executive Andy Palmer has denied Aston Martin plans to supply electricity in April. However, the hybrid engine is a feature. The standard transformer can now have 4.0-liter turbocharged V-8 Aston Martin sources from Mercedes-AMG.

As mentioned above, the production will be located at the Saint Athen factory at Aston Martin, now under construction in Wales. The plant will begin with Rapide E electric sedan, then DBX, and then at the beginning of the next decade the Lagonda spouse will be offered.

DBX Aston Martin is a quarter of the seven vehicles promised in the second century. The first is DB11, and then again with Vantage and the new DBS Superleggera. DBX then comes with Vanquish Supercars, and then comes with the Lagonda SUV and sedan. Aston Martin repeats seven carriages with repeat models. We also see special release models like Valkyrie and 003 hypercars.

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