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Hidden slides from fantastic predators 2 Set

What can you do with what you have accumulated with Ezra Miller and Eddie Redmine? Fantasy animals: Grindlewald's crime? In short, magic. It was better than a trip to Hogwarts in Paris during the 1920s in Warner Brothers studio, in Lemayens and Redmayne, just to spend a leap hour on Paris streets.

Redmond and Miller were excited to discuss the film, but with some fear, Redmond confessed, "You have not said anything before, and if you think about it, it's very interesting that you have not commented on it."

Both actors discussed and discussed briefly what was going to be discussed, and strictly admitted to keeping secrets. Although both of the crew and crew members have been able to keep me in the dark, I still have enough points to make everyday spoilers independent of this list:

Ezra Miller can not stop drinking tea

Miller, he is a star Grindlewald's crime a mysterious orphan boy called Credence Barebone to beat his lengthy tea in the UK.

"I depend on tea, and I thank you for that," he told me, talking to him in his famous trailer. "Tea dependence is completely related to my being a temporary resident of UK. It's a very important experience here, and I'm taking a step forward. "

Again to school

Harry Potter lovers are happy: Hogwarts is even more Grindlewald's crime first of all Fantasy animals the film.

"In this movie, we will start gathering Hogwarts for a bit, which, in my opinion, will be great for fans, Potter in the world 's first film, "said Tim Lewis. "Our heroes and Hogwarts and the world in which they work will bring this world."

Longer Grindlewald's crime The trailer is made up of a short scene in Hogwarts. There he meets Boggart in the lesson of Darkness Defense, taught by Eddie Redmayne Albus Dumbledore (Jude Lowe). The Boggle form identifies Newt's greatest fears: working in the office.

The costumes will be closer to this time

According to Costume Director Collin Edwood, there are over 1,000 suits, including over 400 costumes. Fantasy animals and where to find them.

Baby Nifflers is now a thing

If you can not reach Scamander's sparkling nifty-Pusic magical creatures, which are attracted to objects reflected in the first movie, you will be cured. Yes, babies' nifts are coming Grindlewald's crime.

"I was amazed at the delicacies of the child," said Redman, speaking to Miller's incredible distinction. "Of course, one of my favorite films is baby coming … [maybe because] I have a 15 month old baby.

J.K. Rowing is very fun

Harry Potter by J.K. Role as a Writer and Producer Fantasy animals franchising – it deals with all aspects of production, and can serve as a set of visits.

Does mood change around roulettes? "Maybe some nerves may be exacerbated, but it's good at all [of the filming] he looks at the things he has created, sees the world and sees the paper alive, "Lewis said.

"It all goes the same: its world, its idea, its history, but as a producer, it gives a lot. We always received his approval before we did it. «

Famous designers inspired the pantheon in Rome

The Fantasy animals The design team used an ancient Roman pantheon (built between AD 118 and 125) as an inspiration for the underground amphitheater seen in the movie.

This is not the only collection based on or maintained by a particular building or layout. Actual Place de Furstenberg (or Fürstenberg Square) in Paris has defined Rowing as the Access Point of the French Ministry of Magic.

Although used in the famous Parisian Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, the Highgate cemetery in northern London, it also provides an unusual climatic view of the film.

Almost all actors in the dark

There are five films Fantasy animals franchise – but Rowing knows about planning for future contributions. Even members of major players are unsure about the destiny of their heroes.

"I do not know what the future looks like in Newton," Redmond said. "We know he and Tina lived together, and he survived at that time, but I think he might be out of this incident. You will never know what will happen, but that's a kind of excitement.

It's worth noting that Rowing actors need to know their behavior. «[When I asked about Newt’s relationship with other characters] Joe writes these two page stories about our history, "said Redmeyne. (Oscar winner actor confessed when she asked if this limited edition would save any of Rowling fairy tales.)

Actors can not get printed copies of their scripts. A special situation for Redmike is: "I did not know the amount of time spent with the script when I created the movie," he said. So they printed me on paper. I was not allowed to collect it, it was blocked.

Since movie scripts are only electronic (except for Redmayne), hacking, Fantasy animals Secret, good, secret.

"As it is known, things can be damaged. Disney has fallen. It is always anxious, but we hope that the embedded system will do the things they do … nothing rude [though], said Lewis.

The crew is huge

According to Lewis, crew members have about 600-700 permanent members, and 200-300 people can work any day. Many people need magic.

Director David Yates sets out his "monastery"

At least, according to Miller, he was lyrical about the famous director. "I often think of David as a monk," he said. "He has a wonderful peace. It also focuses calmly on all occasions.

"He has resembled a temple similar to it – I've never been [independent movie] Do not set up a 30-person, 300-unit mobile car kit, it's quiet, you've heard the lightning strikes.

The Berabon of Crete does not have an appearance

The subsequent fundamental fanatic theory Fantasy animals and where to find them Faith Wood-Blagrove, sister of Credence.

But let's not deceive ourselves: "In my opinion, even if [Modesty] It's not in the movie, I do not rule[Thisisthemostsecurefeature[itoutherbeinginafuture[бұлоныңболашақтаболуы[itoutherbeinginafutureFantasy animals the film], "said Redmeyne.

Dan Fogler is perfect with magic creatures

But Redmond is not. "I was very beautiful in the last movie," he said. "I remember when I said to David Yates:" I really have horror and need to work hard ".

"So I made the dolls for months, went to the zoo and took it in a ridiculous form, then Dan Fogler [who plays the U.S. muggle Jacob Kowalski] I was a lot better than him. " This is not a competition.

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