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Mackenzie McGee separates from Josh McGee amid allegations of cheating

MacKenzie McKee may be the latest addition to Teen Mom OG she plays, but she undoubtedly brings enough drama to bring the show to life. Of course, ratings initially dropped when she joined the role, but the official announcement that she will end her marriage to her husband of almost seven years could earn her grades next season; if next season.

Cheating and lying
were not uncommon in their early relationship

During Mackenzie McKee's time, it was a short time when he had now failed Teenage Mom 3, fans were delighted with the drama that existed between MacKenzie and Josh McKee. The couple hit a rough spot shortly after the birth of their first child. A few years later everything seemed to be going well and the couple married and welcomed two more children.

In 2017, Mackay was scouted for cheating scandals when MacKenzie began texting another man, according to Radar Online. Mackenzie insists she never actually cheated on her. She claims she only exchanged texts, but Josh didn't see it that way. He moved out of the couple's home. Later they reconciled.

It's Mackenzie
suspected Josh of lying in recent months

The role of Mackenzie McKee Teen Mom OG has been shortened this season. According to Pop culture, the production company behind the show wanted to use Mackenzie's story to see if it caught up with viewers. She was seen as a guest mom, with a chance to become a regular star if all went well.

Even with a guest role in the play, Mackenzie brought plenty of drama. Recently, she began to question whether Josh was faithful while on the road. Josh is heavily involved in the rodeo, which takes him out of the house during the offseason. Mackenzie lingered to care for her three children while building a fitness empire in parallel.

News broke that Josh was hanging out in bars and canoeing with other women during his stay in Texas. Although he initially denied it at the port, he later admitted that he had been drinking beer with friends. He insists that nothing physically happened, but several witnesses say he hung out with the blonde inside the property before the couple left, All right! Journal. Josh did not return to his group that evening.

Will McKee finish?
together again?

Mackenzie and Josh have had tumultuous relationships over the years. While they do well for Instagram photos, he appears to have discovered cracks in his marriage in front of a gauge camera. With that said, the couple divorced before they just returned.

Mackenzie's expression on Twitter also left room for interpretation. She stated that stress played a role in her decision and that she decided her marriage should be dissolved. She did not suggest that she go into divorce proceedings, only that she needed a break. Because of this, it sounds like it leaves the door open for reconciliation. Either way, the drama between Mackenzie and Josh is likely to play a role in the future Teen Mom OG stories.

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