Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy clashed on Thursday over a planned immigration-related operation across the country, scheduled to begin this weekend, to deal with people who are illegally in the United States. (July 11)

DENVER – Immigrant communities across the US have prepared Sunday for federal raids and retaliations promised by President Donald Trump.

Trump confirmed the raids on Friday, after reporting that thousands of immigrants will be arrested from Sunday in major US cities. Proponents of immigration reform said raids would destroy families and create further distrust in the government. In preparation, they advocate employed telephone lines, printed flyers with legal information and activated network of volunteers for monitoring and documenting immigration and customs actions.

The Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, said on Friday that city police will not cooperate with any ICE operation and that the city is about to protect its immigrants. "If you want to come after them, you will have to come through us," she said.

In Denver and other cities, government human-service officers were able to find foster homes for all children who were left behind if their parents were detained and labeled for deportation. In many cases, immigrants who do not have a legal permission to stay in the United States have underage children who are US citizens.

Immigrant reform advocates expected communities in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco to target raids that are expected to last at least Thursday. Trump said the first convicted criminals in the country were illegally attacked.

"It starts on Sunday and they will take people out and they will return them to their countries," Trump told reporters in the White House on Friday. "We are focused on criminals as much as we can before we do anything else."

The Tramp administration claims that the country's immigration laws have long been ignored, and that stricter enforcement is necessary because Democrats in the Congress have failed to adopt a comprehensive immigration reform, while critics say the president's fortress is focused on boosting support for conservatives who make up his base. They called the raids soulless and unjustified, citing a long history of the US in which refugees and immigrants were welcomed.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit in order to stop raids and subsequent deportations, arguing that many of the targeted people were unaware that they were subject to what is known as the "final removal order" because federal officials were doing badly on proving the exact date and appointment dates. updates.

"These refugees did not appear due to enormous bureaucratic mistakes and, in some cases, deliberate misconduct by immigration agencies," the ACLU said in a lawsuit filed Thursday. "The incorrect and widespread mistakes of the agencies prevented people from finding out when their debates were held."

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