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Danaana Mendoza responded to the charges of Enmanuel Andrade

November 28, 2018
Updated on November 28, 2018. 18:31

Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, responded to the charges of Enmanuel Andrade, son of Alejandro Andrade, in which he described him as an enhuffada, along with comedian Luis Chataing and journalists Sergi Novelli.

Miss Universe 2008 released a video on Instagram on Wednesday, explaining that he worked for Seguros La Vitalicia, but was not familiar with Chataing and Novella about what is happening inside the company.

"None of us knew what life insurance companies were doing at the time, unfortunately we do not have the power to make a futuristic reading, it seems absurd what's going on. I want to call them objectivity and study the source a little," Mendoza said.

He called on all Venezuelans to evaluate and see what kind of citizens they are. He also did not say goodbye, not expressing admiration for Luis Chataing and Sergio Novelli.

"As Venezuelans, I do not want to qualify anyone with this, but Venezuelans are in charge of continuing to destroy our country or we Venezuelans are trying to work on the construction, reconstruction, cooperation and contribution of our country of Venezuela, which is so needed," said former Miss Universe.

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