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Judgment Andrade shows that justice comes sooner or later

November 28, 2018
Updated on November 28, 2018

Lester Toledo, International Co-ordinator Voluntar Popular, assured that the sentence given to Alejandro Andrade is a sign that justice is coming and is said to fall one by one. He stressed that the only painful thing is that those who are accused of corruption filled their pockets with venetian money.

"A sentence of up to ten years in prison for Alejandro Andrade is a clear sign that justice will come sooner or later, one by one will fall until we reach all," Toledo said.

The coordinator hinted that the time of international justice was to fall to all those who were wrongfully working with the Venezuelans, stressing government officials Nicolas Maduro.

"Sooner or later, the anti-corruption network will reach the largest fish, which will have to account for the country and face the levels of malnutrition that have brought hundreds of venetian children into the grave and condemn their future to others." said Toledo.

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