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NASA has identified an "interplanetary" crash – Infofueguin

The NASA For four years, he has been using high resolution instruments to measure what he has not been able to do before: an interplanetary shock wave.

Recently, the space agency achieved its goal with the Multiscale Magnetosfrica (MMS) mission, which consists of four identical ships with unprecedented high-resolution and high-speed instruments.

Measuring waves from interplanetary impacts requires you to be in the right place at the right time, and this is exactly what MMS has achieved.

The first high-resolution measurements provide ideal test benches for exploring larger universal phenomena.

What's the shock?
Interplanetary shocks are a type of collision-free shock, in which particles transfer energy through electromagnetic fields, rather than bouncing directly from one another, according to a NASA statement.

This phenomenon can occur throughout the universe, even in supernovae, black holes, and distant stars. Interplanetary shocks that release the solar wind begin in the sun: charged streams of particles.

When the fast wind current from the sun exceeds the slower current, it creates a shock wave, just as a river-moving ship creates a "wave". Then the "wave" spreads throughout the solar system.

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