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"Thank you Trump for opening your eyes to the Venezuelans"

June 14, 2019
Updated June 14, 2019

Monsignor Roberto Lückert, Archbishop Emeritus Coro, thanked the United States President Donald Tramp for "opening his eyes" to Venezuelans by declaring all the money he had kept official data in his banks.

"I ask myself and ask Venezuelans: what did this government do with those dollars we held in US banks, what was done without roads, no hospitals, no health, no lives. I believe it's time for the Venezuelans to wake up and tired of listening lies that do not fit into reality Venezuela does not deserve to live what is alive, Lückert said on Friday at a ceremony to present the new authorities of Un Nuevo Tiempa, held in Maracaibo.

Lückert was open when he confirmed: "I distinguish poverty as a priest, poverty is a Christian virtue, but it's not jaded. The mystery is unjust, and what happens in Venezuela is unjust accidents.

Prior to the insistence of journalists in the act, it was pointed out that the solutions to the problems of the country were elections: "The dialogue would take us to elections; but with the government what it is doing is insulting, it's a very difficult dialogue. "

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