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They launch "bituminous" to try to stop inequality – 11/12/2018

20% of the population has launched the GoodDollar investment platform in the world, which owns 94% of the wealth, cryptovalaxy aimed at reducing inequalities through universal primary income.

Its idea is to create a global crypto exchange, that is GoodDollar it is distributed free of charge to those most in need and is of daily interest. The earned income is distributed among its members by means of: it gets higher pace than in the past.

"The most profitable experience and projects are universal they were always on a small scale, traditionally in a certain country. We are building a decentralized crypto currency, "commented General E-mail platform hosted by Asi Assia.

At the Lisbon Web Summit, the project runs through a mobile application where anyone can access the crypto card. People interested in supporting the project charity or investing in it, and the "GoodDollars"which increases the value of the currency and increases the value for those who have reduced.

An eToro investment platform, created in Israel but working all over the world, the project finances one million dollars. "From a theoretical point of view, we can only implement the project only through funding," says Assia, but said she needed a lot of partners and funds to work with "the real".

For this reason, he is an idea of ​​"working with non-profit organizations and NGOs to understand them." how they can afford the project«

The initiative will be implemented by blocking technology consisting of cryptographers working and public database and stored on multiple computers that guarantee the accuracy of Internet operations.

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