Thursday , August 5 2021

This is how evolution in ancestors works: The Odyssey of Humanity

New game Patrice Désilets It only takes a little over a week to market. In the meantime, the study provides us with a variety of information pills to adjust to.

In this latest video, veteran designer Assassin & # 39; s Creed teaches us how to concept evolution in Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humanity, to be Connected skills.

He explains that the process is not structured linearly, but rather that our actions are in this open world they decide what we will become. For example, if we are herbivores and kill wild pigs (it is understood that for food, not pleasure) we will become omnivorous, by unlocking the appropriate skill branch.

We want you to get lost in the universe we created for you, to be that character, not the player.

In other words, based on to experience With the various interconnected systems the game proposes we will open new routes for the evolution of our character, leading to growing progression.

On paper I like that freedom of configuration, but I saw it in the video tree of skill So general that for now I wouldn't know what to expect.

Similarly, there is little left to doubt. He August 27th will be available for PC at the Epic Games Store. The console will come later.

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