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"Venezuela once again gives Miss Universe now not important"

July 14, 2019

If the country's historic queen were Princess Disney, Irene Séez would be Cinderella and could borrow her elegant gloves over the elbow to Stefania Fernandez for Miss Venezuela 2008. Susana Duijm or Bárbara Palacios would make a good Snježana, the Rose of Aurora, the spark of Dayana Mendoza would not collided with Bella's intelligence, and Alicia Machado would become the stereotype of a ruthless Latin that has not yet been withdrawn, but sooner or later it will rise as a writer.

In this picture, it's difficult to locate Marica Sayalero. I'd rather fit myself like a villain. There was no omission that all the girls wanted to be, at least when the beauty contest was more important, we had a collective spirit for these things and the devastating influence of Dios Canales did not gravitate. But there is something that distinguishes it from everyone: it is the first. The one in the Australian port of Perth broke the cellophane Miss Universe, which in popular imagination was more prestigious than the Miss World, mainly because the world fit into space. This accomplishment marks 40 years on Friday, 19th, at least in Venezuelan time, because in Australia it was already on the 20th of July.

Maritsa is 58 and judging by Instagram's photos she's the same: maybe her conservative figure paradoxically helped her. For decades, the accent of her Mexican wife, tennis player Raúl Ramírez, with whom she married almost after giving the crown. "Thank you for remembering me." I love you a lot You can not imagine the wonderful things that I write in my social networks, tears come to my eyes, "he was sent to the Monarchist Venezuelans by WhatsApp Call from Ensenada, Baja California. Something does not doubt its inheritance: its name is a often-educated way to replace the lack of jurisdiction with which Venezuelan girls are now acting towards each other.

– Do not you mind talking about Miss Universe 1979?

– No, at all. Exactly the opposite. As they say: remember to live. This means that people still have me in my thoughts and in my hearts, they do not forget me. I feel a lot of joy and pride. Just like I was 25 years old, they gave me a wonderful tribute to Polieder. Imagine, the 40th anniversary of Miss Universe is a serious word. Celebrating 40 years is not easy, huh? 40 years.

– That year there were protests against the competition, and Australian feminists brought the cow to symbolize that it was selling meat. Today, feminism has developed much more. Will she be the Beauty Queen again if she is 18?

– Sure. I learned about this feminist group when Miss Universe was over. Do not think there were thousands, thousands, and thousands. Few with some cards. I do not remember seeing a cow. No more reading cards that say that these events should be banned because the woman was considered a facility. Such things. If I had returned to that time by that time, but at this time, I would go back to the beauty contest. Those who participate in them are decent women. Today they are more present and ready to be intelligent. It was a chance, over the years, when a girl, from a nervous, responded to nonsense. I am very honored by women who think negatively about these competitions. But I'm not much for, say. I do not understand this mentality.

– They say that beauty does not define us, but it is like a very valuable liquid asset.

– Sure. I do not agree with how pretty a woman is like a fool. What is a beautiful woman? Not necessarily a woman with a big body. For me, this is a set of many things. Because I can see a beautiful woman, but if she has a terrible and fatal personality, I immediately click and say: what an ugly, boring and unbearable woman! I also disagree that a beautiful woman must be perfect. We must be very respected. You never know. Perhaps the beauty contest is a trigger for the girl's personality growth and her self-esteem. If your head is well on your feet and you have legs on the ground, those experiences are sometimes very positive. People do not understand. It is very demanding and critical. Climbing the stage is something very complicated.

– At age 18, a certain degree of solitude is normal. Even recommended.

– Sure.

– In 1979, did you feel like a woman?

No. It was never my personality. I have never been aware of myself, myself, my ego, my vanity, how beautiful I am, the best in the world. I believe that I was born, blessed by God, with a certain quality, if we can say so. Always, from the moment I used reason, I was very sure of myself. So I did not have to look for those resources to boost my self esteem. I never had this problem, either in my adolescence, or in my youth. What I needed to give me that vitamin in the mirror!

– There is a moment in which Miss Universe is very shocking: it removes the coat and is in a bikini. Was that a decisive one?

Not necessarily because the judges were not involved there. But perhaps it was an important moment. When I competed in Miss Universe, famous pools already existed. It exists in England, Australia and many countries. The newspapers always pulled out the bets of each competitor. I do not know if my dad or Osmel Sousa showed it to me, and I was not at the top. They were above me England or Jamaica. When the presentation came to the press, she was in a bathing suit at the hotel swimming pool. But it was winter and I said I'd die of cold. What to do? I dressed my black bikini, a good father, tiny, with some metal bands, golden, and I said to myself: "I will put my coat on. Maruja Beracas lent me this coat, rest in peace. When I had to pose for photographers, I got I'm a stone. I told them in Spanish: "They tell me when they're ready, so I can open my coat, because I'm cold." And that's the famous photo. They said to me: Ya! And I opened the coat and forgot about it They've gone mad. And from that moment on, I started climbing stairs in the pools.

– Is she the first queen of Osmla Sousa?

– Osmel helped me a lot. Then the president of Miss Venezuela was Ignacio Font and Osmel his right hand. But in reality it was the most important part. I've reached out with Osmel since I was 16 years old. I made friends with him and he followed my steps. It was on him to choose the girls to be the best competing. He was in charge of telling you what to improve. I'm a triumph for him, of course.

– Did you doubt that Osmel would be what would it be?

– I never imagined the fact that, when I win, Osmel's career will go to the levels he has left. If I was a participant, a pioneer or I put a granite for it, I'm blessed by God: it makes me very happy.

– In August, she will spend three years from the death of her sister, communicator Natalya Sayalero.

– My life is no longer the same. It has changed 180 degrees in all emotional aspects of the day. What can I tell you? That was my only sister. We liked the incredible, we were like a nail and dirt. That's something I will never recover. But I learned that I know how to handle it, especially to support my mom, who lives with me, and that's not an easy situation. My mom was an example of strength. Imagine: if I feel bad, what does my mom feel?

– Are your three children close?

– The one who is far away is my Daniel, the youngest. He lives in Alaska for 3 years. Realize that every four months he returns and I see him for a while. Raúl, the father of my two grandchildren, lives in the same city as me. That's the one I usually see. Rebecca does not live in the same city, but she is close.

– Do not talk about politics ever before. Are you waiting for Venezuela?

– Sure. I'm not talking about politics, because every time I think I'm not talking about politics, but to express my feelings, many crazy people go into the networks. They are very aggressive, they say a lot of nonsense and block them. I avoid controversy, but that does not mean that I do not feel what they feel. I really am confused by the situation, what I see, the news, what they tell me. I have a family in Venezuela and I know what's going on. Pate, that's not a story. I do not make up My family suffers. Then it shocked me when they told me that I did not live there, that I had no right to say that I had left Venezuela, that I did not want my country, that I was a syringe and that I lacked nothing. Pure shit. I know what's going on. That's not a story.

– Spaniard Sara Montiel was associated with you by her mother. Has this influenced his personality?

Not necessarily. But, like anything else, they might have been genes. Then there's something in the blood and maybe a bit transmitted. Security, I do not know. Whenever he went to Venice, he asked for us. I love those people who are authentic and unique.

– Is it true that your husband is ill? Can you talk about it?

– He discovered Parkinson six years ago, but thank God that his health is optimal in every way. It's self-sufficient. Take 90% of your normal life. There are very few limitations, but this is my husband's condition. I do not call it the disease, I call it a condition. Raúl is busy playing tennis, walking every day. His children sometimes marry him. There are many more capacities. I hope Diosito will continue to support it and remain so. That Parkinson does not evolve.

– It's 40 years Miss Universe and there will be 40 years of marriage soon.

– There's not much to say. There are facts, there is a story. They have been together for many years, and like everything, when respect, communication and love prevail, things can be done well. Nobody is perfect. We formed an incredible family. We have three great children and two grandchildren. To make the relationship successful, there must also be a bad time to learn to evaluate. Do you know what's boring? Let everything be nice, beautiful, beautiful and perfect.

– Does it matter more passion or feel comfortable with someone?

– There are levels and everything has to do with years. You are mature, your feelings are changing, not your feelings. You give importance to other things in life. The fact that you have been married to a person for years is not to lose your passion, at any level. Do you understand me? But you have to do the marriage.

– What joy would you like to be given to Venezuela, like that of 40 years ago, which became the issue of the front for President Luis Herrera Campins?

– I will not go to the futile and superficial aspect now. I will not tell you that I would like Venezuela to Miss Universe again. It does not matter now. I'd like things to change. Let everyone interpret it the way they want to interpret it.

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