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Venezuelan beauty queen, who escapes from the country due to the crisis and is represented by representatives of other countries

A few weeks after the beauty contest Miss WorldThere is a delicate brunette girl with hilarious smile in Chile and a delicate Venezuelan glimpse.

Andrea Diaz He was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela. At the age of 12, he studied beautifully with the local modeling academy, learning to move his thighs. At the age of 19, he won the contest organized by the city's baseball team and became a good-willed ambassador.

But Dias's career changed at the age of 20, he moved to Panama, and then served as a model for Mexico., the type of unemployment in crisis-ravaged Venezuela. Three years ago he moved to Chile, and most of his family moved away.

26-year-old Diaz named "new Chile"While preparing for the event in the gym at Santiago, migrants are inclusive countries looking for new opportunities.

As thousands of people flee daily from Venezuela, they are expected to exceed one million percent of the food shortage and inflation, Dozens of beauty princesses go to work as a model or go to foreign media.

Some people take part in the international beauty contest with their countries.

Next month, Former participant of Miss Venezuela Portugal to participate in Miss World contest in China. And in the recently-run Miss in the Philippines, Both Venezuelan men competed with Peru and Spain.

Jessica Rousseau, a year before his mother's birthday in Peru came to his new home, his dream of becoming a princess of beauty was not over. He could not get to the final, but he said he would be preparing for the competition again, hoping to win the crown..

The beauty contest, like baseball in Venezuela, boasts glamor and good looks for years. Nation is the leader in international beauty contests: it has won the title of World of seven Worlds and six titles "Miss World".

Critics note that many people in Venezuela have helped hundreds of women from their lifestyle to begin their career as an exemplary actress and TV or news program conductor, even though the critics are concerned about these horrible and outdated contests. Former Venezuela was the mayor of the Caracas district, but was not successful in the presidential election.

But because of the Venezuelan economy, many national competitions do not allow direct employment. Direct fashion shows have been abandoned, television production slows down and companies such as fashion brands avoid investment in advertising.

Jizzel Rees There are four model schools for young people in the country: "beauty university"Its centers estimate that 70% of graduates leave the country for the last decade to work as models in Mexico, Colombia or elsewhere.

In the studio of Caracas there are paintings of famous people, who have won beauty contests, Reis now knows how to find instructors, as soon as they leave the country.

The most competitive competition in Venezuela does not even guarantee the graduates' work of the nation.

Venezuela Miss, broadcast nationwide, annually selects 24 academies who spend six months at the academy, which includes day-to-day training, modeling classes and instructor talks, sometimes sending pupils to surgery for aesthetics

But at least in 2015, 17 of the participants seem to work in Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, and even Indiain social networks. Among the participants in 2014 data are similar.

Many Venezuelan princesses from overseas say that strict training in their own country has helped them to succeed. But they too are exempt from strict requirements set by organizers.

When Diaz lived in Venezuela, he was cleared of skin, it was not right, and left small scars and red spots on the cheek. Venezuela's model agencies have denied it.

In Chile, Diaz has overcome the stain removal group despite the stains that are easily covered by makeup. He was able to take part in the competition because his father was Chile.

She is now hoping she will not pay attention to her personal qualities when she is preparing for the Miss Waheed in Thailand, but she sees her as a cosmopolitan woman who has moved to the world to achieve her goal. . He wants to be a motivational speaker and to engage in self-assessment with the youth.

(Manuel Rueda and Eva Vergara – AP)

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