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Chinese Monster Earns Thousands of Dollars a Year: Sorry to Leave School and Make Money

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Known for being so fast-paced, the life of Truong Tuan Hao's "pervasive" has always revolved around racing shows, with little emphasis on studying.

The dream of "changing your life after a night out" actually came to three-year-old Truong Tuan Hao after an impressive appearance in the show. Amazing Chinese he broadcast in 2014 with delicate movements of choreography when he was too young, Truong Tuan Hao emerged as a Chinese phenomenon.

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Sweet Truong Tuan Hao delighted the audience

The boy's then self-confident interview excited the audience tremendously and gave him the nickname "Dance Breakthrough" by billions of people. At 5, Truong Tuan Hao was honored to perform on stage Happy New Year on national television – something many Chinese artists aspire to.

Like many other celebrities, the boy continued to receive invitations from film crews, program producers and commercials … The Truong Tuan Hao name became increasingly popular across the water. Recently, Truong Tuan Hao appeared in the movie "Tan O Long Vien " launched in 2018.

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Truong Tuan Hao (Black Shirt) in Tan O Long Vien 2018 Movie

With the constant frequency of television shows, many viewers felt anxious about the life of an 8-year-old boy. They believe that running the show will have too much effect on the maturity and psychology of Truong Tuan Hao. Plus, some people even think parents use it in business.

Truong Tuan Hao comes from a working-class family, his father driving a truck. No one in the family was involved in the arts, but the boy soon showed his dancing talent. To follow his son's wishes, Truong Tuan Hao's parents also allowed his son to participate in many talent competitions Big Star, Hot Girl Go Go Go.

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The boy performed in a big show

Boy videos attract millions of views and favorites, the speed of shows about the boy is also very high. A busy schedule of events took up most of Truong Tuan Hao's family time, gradually the boy's learning was less focused.

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Truong Tuan Hao is big now, but he just loves to perform

In a recent interview, Truong Tuan Hao's parents acknowledged that although the boys are capable of earning thousands of dollars a year, they all regret leaving the boy too soon.

At QQ, his parents said: "Now Hao Hao is 8 years old, normally going to school but not interested in learning. The mind is just playing. We feel very anxious about our children's future."

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