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CNN is responsible for blocking journalists in the White House

CNN journalist and Jim Akost Tromp, a journalist who was banned in the White House after the trumped up scandal with US President Donald Trump, is believed to sue. This is because of the event.

Sheet Business Insider Jim Donaldson, a former correspondent for the White House and a veteran journalist for the ABC News branch, says the suicide bomber, Jim Acosta and CNN, sued the White House after his death. Tickets at the post-election press conference denied tickets with President Donald Trump for "pulling the rope".

Image CNN News Newsletter The White House is forbidden by Reporter No. 1

President Trapp agrees with Acosta. Picture: Reuters

In a CNN interview with Brian Stellner, Donaldson asked him to sign a suit confirming his suit. According to the reporter, the trial is scheduled for November 13.

"I hope it's wrong, but in my opinion, CNN will file a complaint with the court on November 13,"Donaldson said.

A CNN spokesman told Business Insider, "We have not made any decisions and have been contacted by the White House, but have not responded."

White House spokesman Sara Sanders said on November 7 that the White House had decided to move the White House to the "Aska" reporter because the reporter "has signed a young woman".

Sanders was a trainee of the White House, who sought to produce a microphone from her brother, Acosta's journalist. He fought President Trump during the Acosta press conference.

At a 90-minute press briefing, President Treppe cited Acosta as saying after hearing Acosta's question about immigration.
When both sides were tense, the White House listener tried to eject the microphone from Acosta's hands, but the reporter kept the microphone and continued to ask the president.

Mr. Traump, Mr. Acosta, has broken and humiliated.

CNN quoted journalists as saying Trump condemns "dangerous media" not only for threat but for America.

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