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Hung Hom asked for the old love of the bridegroom

– Mr May (Folk Artist Gon Wan) once again expressed his unmistakable efforts to keep Kit (Trung Dung) in all directions. She even went to see Fuck's workplace and saw Katy's former lover and asked her husband to release her.

Tie Ngan forced the house to sell from the shelter 80.

The episode "Rice gluten rice" 79: The daughter of Gong Wan has robbed her daughter-in-law

& # 39; Sticky rice sticky rice & # 39; set 78: suffer the loss of home, Hong Vang suicide bodily child

Extract from the book 83

The "rice rice sticky rice" goes on air and moves around Mae May to bring the guy back to his daughter.

In the previous episode, Phuc (Thuy Trang) went to Kit, became a chef and waited for her as a woman. The only surviving person, Kit, was warmed up to care for an old loved one.

Even though Keith and Hann (Tui Ngan) were exhausted and married, she decided to find ways to convince her that she would still return to her family.

In the most recent extract, Matthew treats us as well as Kitt. Whilst knowing what he wanted, he always wanted to be away because he did not want to go back. Mae is very frightened when she meets her fiancé with Fake and thinks that her daughter is Phuc for decay.

83. Rice Rice Rice 83: Hung Yun began to kneel on the request of a son's son-in-law son's son-in-law.
Miss Mrs is looking for ways to get Mrs. Mia's daughter.

He even went to the hospital, where Phuc worked his knees and asked him to leave his groom. "My daughter was so exhausted when she lost everything, she was robbed, how can she handle it?". Fraquet explained that when faced with a problem of irony, he did not relate to the divorce of Kiet and Khan. Mei, however, did not pay attention to her statement.

After discovering that fat was working with Phuc, Leongo Phuong advised his mother not to abuse other people. Finally, Mrs. Huyen recognizes the story of Mae Kyiss's divorce because of Khan's discovery of the case. When she heard that, she was very upset.

After listening to the reasons for the divorce, does her daughter, MI, continue to be drawn or new happy?

On November 13, the episode "rice gluten rice" will go on HTV2 on November 13th.

Tung Nguyen

& # 39; Rice gluten in fig & # 39; set 82: Hyun Yun's girlfriend's width = "145" height = "101

Set of Rice Rough Rice 82: Jun's Enough Enough

Hit (Thung Nung) and Hing (Thung Nung) Hitachi (People's Artist Hong Yong) are still trying to attract. An old man of Kih's family, Maya Mae, is not afraid to put his daughter in the marriage.

Set of rice rice 81: Gong Wang sells his house to save his daughter "" width = "145" height = "101

Set of Rice Rice Rice 81: Gong Wang sells his daughter to save her daughter from prison

Han (Fraudulent Bank) was arrested after being arrested for fraud, and Mrs. Maine's family (Honon National Artist) was forced to sell her home debts.

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