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It suggests using images provided by people to punish traffic violations

In the application file for the amendment of Regulation 46/2016, the Regulation on Sanctions for Administrative Offenses in Road and Rail Transport is sent to the Ministry of Justice for evaluation, and the Ministry of Transport considers that the number of vehicles transported has increased from year to year, violations of the regulations on road road traffic are Frequent, while functional staff had to be reduced according to general requirements, financing for equipment and technical equipment was still limited and lacking.

In the meantime, the application of information technology as well as the task of ensuring order and safety in traffic, handling administrative offenses did not meet practical requirements.

Suggesting the use of images provided by people for punishing traffic offenses - 1

People who record traffic violations (artwork).

Faced with public misconduct, causing traffic insecurity, directly compromising the safety of people and vehicles involved in traffic, people have taken pictures of drivers who violated the rules. means of sending functional forces.

"Based on the image of the people provided by professional measures, the functional forces immediately dealt with many serious violations, causing frustration in public opinion, thus creating confidence in the masses, creating a powerful effect in condemning violations of the law, contributing to the prevention and reduction of serious violations." – the Ministry of Transport announced.

However, currently the regulation of the use of images provided by individuals and organizations is not set out in legal documents. Therefore, in order to mobilize individuals and organizations to promote accountability for detecting, flagging and combating administrative offenses, the Ministry of Transport said that it was necessary to amend regulations relating to internal issues. This content.

Heavy penalties for drivers who use alcohol

The Ministry of Transport said that the Law on Prevention and Control of Alcohol and Beer has been in force since January 1, 2020; which prohibits the control of blood or breath-containing vehicles with alcohol content.

Moreover, in the past time, the situation of road accidents has complicated, many serious road accidents have occurred due to the drivers of vehicles having blood alcohol concentration; Alcohol operators are also common in alcohol.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider and adjust the level of sanctions for drivers who violate the alcohol concentration rules, in addition to the rules on sanctions for motorcycle and motor vehicle drivers. affixing machines to roads where blood or breath has an alcohol content of not more than 50 milligrams / 100 milliliters of blood or not more than 0.25 milligrams / 1 liter of breathing air.

From the analysis and comparison of the impact of each solution, the Ministry of Transport said that the optimal solution is to modify the sanction for violation of the alcohol content regulations.

Accordingly, the fine for violation of Level 1 for car operators is 6-8 million VND, and the highest fine for violation of this act is 30-40 million VND.

Adjust the highway misdemeanor sentence

The Ministry of Transport reflects and violates highway regulations, which are complicated, the phenomenon of reversing and parking the vehicles on the highways can probably cause traffic insecurity that is mostly rising and this is what has happened. In the event of a traffic accident, criminal action must be transferred, which creates an urgent problem in public opinion. Motorcycle driving behavior on highways is more common; acts of breach of regulations on road transport at speeds such as stopping and receiving passengers; receiving and returning highway goods is increasing and potentially causing traffic insecurity.

The statistics and analyzes of the Ministry of Public Security also showed that from 2016 to date, the cause of traffic accidents is mainly the fault of the drivers of the traffic rules that caused the offenses (accounting for 95.81%). ). Therefore, sanctions for violating highway regulations need to be examined; Actions and behavior groups are causes of traffic accidents.

The Ministry proposes to adjust the level of penalties for highway traffic offenses; Violation groups are the cause of traffic accidents.


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