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Miss Quang Binh Missing in England: Presentation – TWO


On August 13, 2019, the Le Thi Dieu Linh family (16 years old living in Hai Trach Municipality, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh) said a young woman came to the British authorities for information missing, units must search more days.

Meanwhile, representatives of the North Yorkshire – England Police District on August 13 announced: "We confirm that the girl Le Thi Dieu Linh disappeared during a visit to York found in a safe and healthy condition. Night 12/8.

Due to the investigation process, we were unable to discover the location of Le Thi Dieu Linh. "

British light
Portrait of a young woman Le Thi Dieu Linh.

Ms Dang Huong – Dieu Linh's mother, said her daughter traveled with money to accumulate after her time in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. After missing the information, Linh called her parents to confirm that there was no such thing.

"Linh said she was enrolled for the trip to visit friends and relatives there because the visa period is up to 6 months," Ms. Huong said.

Speaking of Dieu Lin's plan to return to the country, this young woman expressed dependence on the authorities and regulations of the host country and Vietnam.

As for the incident, British police are currently detaining two people who have been investigating the mysterious disappearance of Dieu Lin in recent days.

Among them, a man named Ho Quang Ngoc was charged with kidnapping children and allowing them to violate immigration laws. That person is expected to be remanded to the Court of Appeal on September 16.

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