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Notification of the 17th, 6th Session of the XIV National Assembly


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Members of the National Assembly approved the decision of medium-term state investment plan for 2016-2020. Photo: Phuong Hoa / TTXVN

The Plenary Session of the National Assembly is chaired by Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Mr. Fung Quoc Heinen. The National Assembly heard the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the budget of the National Assembly. Nguyen Duk Haay explained, adopted and revised draft resolution on investment plans adjustment. Interim period 2016-2020 Then, the National Assembly adopted 434 deputies, representing 89.48% of the total number of deputies.

Then discussed at the Congress (revised) Tax Management Act; A draft law amending and supplementing some articles of the Law "On Public Investment".

Taxation Act (Amendment): Many Members of the National Assembly confirm the need to amend the Law to improve the tax administration regime, carry out administrative reform and establish a healthy business-investment environment. It promotes attraction of domestic and foreign investments and creates the basis for the creation of a modern tax administration system in terms of international integration.

In addition, the members of the National Assembly also made a number of concrete ideas based on the following content: interpretation of words; Principles of tax administration; Prohibited acts in tax administration; Tax consultations of communists, chambers and settlements; debt repayment, debt repayment, late payments and penalties; Additional provisions on the rights and obligations of tax officers; international cooperation in taxation; duties of bodies of tax administration; Obligations, powers and responsibilities of the state audit; Basis for tax assessment; Determine the applicable tax rates applicable to business households and individuals who pay taxes by presumptive method.

Law on Amendments and Additions to Certain Articles of the Public Investment Law: During the discussion, most public concepts should be amended and supplemented by the Law on Public Investment in order to create a single legal framework. increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of investment management and the use of public investment capital; Overcoming investment incidence and scattering, promoting investment efficiency in accordance with the goals and objectives of the country's socio-economic development strategies and plans; loss of wastes.

Delegates also discussed the actual content of the bill, discussed the scope of the law, the application of the law; explanation of words; complement state investments; classification of state investment projects; Acts prohibited for public investment; Competence to make decisions on the investment policy or project investment; Procedures and procedures for resolving investment policy; effective public investment; Environmental Impact Assessment Report when approving investment policy; three-year state investment plan; Tasks and powers of the Standing Committee; Tasks and powers of the Permanent Council of the People's Congress; Organization of monitoring, expertise and evaluation of plans, programs and projects; Investment Inspection

In the afternoon

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The Chairman of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, Nguyen van Gyau, commented on the draft Comprehensive Partnership and Transnational Partnership Agreement (TNCPP) and the draft resolution endorsing similar figures: Phương Hoa / VNA

The plenary session of the National Assembly is chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Fong. Members of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly's National Assembly, the Chairman of the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee, Nguyen Van Gyau, explains, accepts and revises the Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP) and related documents, which confirm the Universal Partnership Agreement. The National Assembly then adopted 469 deputies, representing 100% of the total number of delegates and 96.70% of the total number of National Assembly members.

Then the Congress introduced a draft law on the execution of criminal sanctions (revised) and the Law on Alcohol and Beer Law.

With regard to the draft law on criminal proceedings (revised): during the discussion, most National Assembly deputies approved the extension of the scope of the bill revision and renaming. Criminal (amendment) "; In addition, the draft law is proposed for consideration and approval in three sessions: commenting at the 7th Session at the 6th Session and at the 8th Session.

Delegates also commented on the content of the production, labor centers and vocational training outside the prison; exemption until the end of the case; clarifying the rights and obligations of the offender; Rights and obligations of a person sentenced to death on execution of court decision; Fines for commercial organizations; coordination between the criminal justice authorities and relevant state bodies; method of execution of court decision

The Law on Combating Alcohol and Breastfeeding: A number of delegates agreed on the need to widely introduce legislation aimed at protecting the health of the population, strengthening care and rehabilitation. Initiation to take measures to prevent and stop the actual use of alcohol and beer, which increases.

In addition, delegates have also focused on some content and introduced many ideas: Name of the Law; regulation and planning; Reasonability of the bill; Alcohol and beer abuse prevention policy; manual liquor management; Mechanisms of control and sanctions that contravene regulatory and legal acts of alcohol and / or beer production and consumption organizations and natural persons; prohibited actions; drinking age, beer; Control alcohol advertising.

Holds a plenary session in the National Assembly Hall on Tuesday, November 13, 1818, discusses the official reports of the Supreme Court Judge, Chairman of the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office; The Government shall submit a report on crime prevention and control; execution of judgment; Prevention of corruption in 2018.

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