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Seductive with the recreational phase


Vietnamese fans once again admire Quang Hai's free kick against SHB Da Nang goalkeeper Thanh Binh in a match played in round 21 of the tournament. The goal is reminiscent of a freelancer like the "rainbow in the snow" that Quang Hai scored against Uzbekistan U23 in the finals of the 2018 Asian U23 Tournament in Changzhou, China.

At a fairly similar distance with a beautiful goal in the Asian U23 tournament, Quang Hai threw out a very nice shot that kept Thanh Binha's goalkeeper Thanh Hoa free. The young midfielder's goal from Hanoi FC has been applauded by fans at Hoa Xuan Stadium.

Depressed Reconstruction Rainbow Show In Quang Hai Snow - Image 2.

A very nice Quang Hai goal was recorded on SHB Da Nang

Not only that, the clip that captured Quang Hai's target has also garnered thousands of shares, hundreds of thousands of views, as well as praise on the social networks Facebook and Youtube. With the goal contribution, Quang Hai helped Hanoi FC beat SHB Da Nang 2-1 to widen the backlog with another Ho Chi Minh City club team to 8 points.

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