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The stage is Cong Phuong

Video: Incheon NHM support Cong Phuong (source: ChoiHuong TV)

The new season with Incheon United is still stormy. As expected from talented Andersen, this team will build a team strong enough to climb to the top half of the BXH, and poor results will get to know the bottom position.

At the end of the first round, Incheon won 1 draw 3 and lost 7, and the last win was in the second round of the K-League. Like last year, they have changed the line between the lines. And in this case, coach Yoo Sang Chul will come to power and continue his challenging trip to this team.

Opening the second game, Incheon will face the Daegu, who lost 0-3 in the first game. The match that Cong Phuong played well when it was thrown for the first time. 4 months in Korea, it is enough for Cong Phuong to know what is missing and what needs to be improved.

The turn went, at this moment, Cong Phuong and his teammates must wipe out the tough psychology of the last time and play as if a new season had begun. With a new coach, they have to work hard to get a major blow and improve the performance of the home team.

Being in the field of Daegu is not easy, this team is the fourth in the league and only 4 points behind the top team of Ulsan Hyundai. But as Coach Yoo Sang Chul said on the player's debut: "If you want to win an opponent, you have to prove very special."

The statement is encouraging, but profoundly deep. If Incheon loses, players should be ashamed, they are losers, they are just ordinary players and they have nothing special.

And with Cong Phuong, he can play well in Vietnam, but he did not show much in Korea. If I continue to struggle with the current style, Cong Phuong is hard to succeed regardless of the environment. In such a disgusting way, this is the time for Cong Phuong to express and gain the trust of Yoo Sang Chula coach.

In this match, Incheon has the strongest force. With Mugosa's partner in public goods, Cong Phuong has favorable conditions to shine. Playing behind such sharp attackers, Con Phuong is completely satisfied with creative freedom. And I hope Daegu Bank Park Stadium will be the stage for him to shine.

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