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Turn pigs into the bar, which expects every month to pocket 200 million – Finance

Thursday, 29/11/2015 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Although it was built in the last, last bar but this unexpected visitor.

Tung Tuyet is a graduate student of Zhuhai Primary School in Beijing, China. New graduates in 2008, finding a job is relatively difficult. Because of this, Tung Tuyet is looking for opportunities around the school.

The Dai Zhu Hai Academy is located on the shores of many eco-tourism outlets attracting visitors every weekend. In addition, the tourism industry here has great potential development.

Turn pigs into the bar, which expects every month a pocket of 200 million - 1

Turn pigs into the bar, which expects a pocket 200 million pounds each month

A village bar brings a "tremendous" income for Tung Tuyeta

There are many students from the Institute of Technology in Beijing and the University of Beijing, but there are no entertainment centers nearby. "So if you open the bar, there will definitely be a lot of visitors," thought Tung Tuyet.

So the young Bachelor immediately started his career. He found a warehouse outside the security area of ​​the village to make a bar. The warehouse owner says the predecessor of this place is a pig …. Even so, Tung Tuyet nevertheless decided to rent a warehouse, because the space was perfectly adapted to the size of the bar he wanted.

The next stage is to repair and "dissolve" the old warehouse. Tung Tuyet and his father spent four months renovating the "pork stables" at the bar. During this period, many villagers expressed curiosity before the action of father and son Tung Tuyeta. In this quiet and back neighboring zone, nobody can imagine why it builds bars.

The warehouse was completely renovated in 2009 and became a bar in Chinese style. Initially, people stood outside, instead of dashing into the bar, perhaps because the interior space was too luxurious. But, gradually, this bar showed that the start of the start of Tung Tuyeta was right.

Every month, Tung Tuyet earns between 20,000 and 60,000 yuan (67 to 200 million dongas). Many students with 2 nearby universities come here regularly to have fun. Many young people in the village also know. Tung Tuyet even carved a high clay statue of Lee from 2-3 meters, placing himself in front of the bar, attracting many curious people to visit, adding impressions at least in the eyes of customers.

Having borrowed a grandmother to start a business, she now has $ 67,300 billion

Many people compare this billionaire to the next generation Jack Ma.

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