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Google Camera Night Sight is suitable for Pixel phones: Here's what it does

It was written by Shruthi Dhapola
| New Delhi

Publication date: November 15, 2018

Pixel 3 Night Vision Mode, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 Night Vision Mode, Pixel 3 XL Night Vision Mode, Pixel 3 XL Camera Google Camera night view mode is for Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and original pixels.

When he released his Pixel 3 phone in October, he showed a new "Night Vision" camera mode, which promised to dramatically improve nighttime performance. The night view is now officially picked up by Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, and will be available on these devices for the next two days.

During the launch, Google has shown two pictures, one with the iPhone XS and the other at Pixel 3 Night Sight. The difference in the two pictures was surprising; With the iPhone XS, the dark, unclear, usual smartphone camera is low, and Pixel 3 has transformed it into a bright, well-lit theme with clear images.

Google says that Night Sight works on the latest Pixel 3. Because the first phone does not come with optical image stabilization (OIS), Google Night Sight relies on short exposures in the original pixel compared to the other one. Pixel users may not be able to see updates on their phones at once. Google Camera app gets new updates from Play Store, which includes the new Night Sight mode.

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Google Camera: What is Night Sight, and how does it work?

Night vision comes in front and rear of all Pixel phones. It does not need flash or a tripod to give a complete impairment. When taking photos of the smartphone in dark or poor light situations, the most recent result is a lot of noise or the picture is grainy. This great sensor has improved the diaphragm despite the smartphone cameras.

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It is possible to say how the DSLR works, to get good-night photos at night, you will need hardware help. Also, the tripod can help, because the exposure time in the low light will be longer and the camera should remain until now. But smartphones are not always available, and the average user, of course, does not want to continue on a tripod. Then, the appearance of the glow, but it often does not achieve delicate results.

Pixel 3 Night view mode, Pixel 3 XL night view mode, Pixel 3 XL camera "data-lazy-src =" https: // images .indianexpress.com / 2018/11 / pixel3xl_review_41.jpg Night vision comes in front and rear of all Pixel phones. This photo shows the Pixel 3 XL camera.

Pixel Night Mode makes sure that no extra hardware is needed to get a very light blow. It is based on the software to improve your photos.

In night view, the pixel camera takes up to 15 frames (1/15 seconds) or less. In the company's opinion, the night-vision is light, but sharp, the same as that of many photography blasts. Also, while taking a night view, the user still needs to be very useful as the camera requires two to three seconds to get the required number of frames.

Then the camera software incorporates this explosion, and also tries to avoid the bright, sharp picture as the ultimate result of motion blurry. However, it works best when the night view is still fully maintained or when you are still able to hold the still camera.

When captured by the user in the Night Sight program, Pixel tries to eliminate the noise and movement that is compatible with Google. The camera measures the user's natural handicaps as well as how much traffic at the scene. It is mostly based on software for moving traffic that is part of the smartphone imagery.

"If Pixel is stable and the scene is still there, Night Sight will spend a lot of time spanning to reduce noise; if pixel motion or significant scene movement occurs, Night Sight will use a short exposure to minimize movement in the motion, "wrote the blog.

Pixel 3 Night view mode, Pixel 3 XL night view mode, Pixel 3 XL camera "data-lazy-src =" https: // images .indianexpress.com / 2018/11 / pixel_nightsight_shot.jpg SmartHDR Apple iPhone XS (left) and Pixel 3 Night Sight (right). (Source: Google)

Google also uses machine learning to balance the color of the photos shot in the Night Sight program for a natural look.

In addition, in this mode, the Google Viewer will illuminate the tool, which will help users to lower frames. The viewfinder may indicate that the picture is noisy, but that's not the right thing to do with the last photo. Recent photos combine several images to be taken together.

How can I use Google Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 night view?

If you're photographed in low light, Google recommends the Pixel Night Sight. Night view mode is part of Advanced Options in the Google Camera app.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your app to use the night-vision mode.

When in Night view, press the capture button and keep still until Night Sight captures the photo. Remember, this mode lasts for a few seconds because the picture is taken at low exposure time with low light.

If you are taking someone else's photo, hold it for a few seconds, then press the sensor button. Keep in mind that night view does not work in full darkness, so the scene needs at least some fall.

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