Sunday , February 28 2021

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar 2.0

New Delhi:

So, waiting is finally over! The most anticipated film Rajinikant and Akshay Kumar 2.0today it will open in theaters and we just can not calm down. For the first time, Akshay Kumar will share the screen with Thalaiva Rajinikanth and what we can expect is some outstanding performance. Director S Shankar, Akshay Kumar plays the antagonist of the film. Rajinikanth represents Dr. Vaseegaran's role in 2.0 while Akshijev's character is Dr. Richards is a huge birdlike figure, the result of a scientific experiment is wrong. Dr. Richards is terrorizing human beings and paying the war against them because he believes that the use of mobile phones is harmful to birds and animals. The former robot Dr Vaseegaran Chitti saves. Chitti, who was disassembled in the first war Enthiran, Dr. Vaseegaran asked to help the city in trouble. 2.0 is the continuation of the movie "Blockbuster 2010".

2.0 is one of the most expensive films in Asia with a reported budget of 500 kroons. A two-day long trailer, which was discovered earlier this month, is packed with heavy use of flawless special effects. Akshay Kumar, who first played the role of an antagonist in an interview with the IANS news agency, said: "I have never done such a role in my whole career. And I never saw anyone having a character like that, it was a completely new experience plays the role of an anti-hero, "Akshay said, pointing out that he was promoting the film in Dubai. 2.0 also marks Akshay's debut title.

Hindi version 2.0 is distributed by Karan Johar's production "Dharma Production", which said that the Southern Film Industry made Hindu filmmakers feel inferior in a good way. "I think that the great moves of many filmmakers to the south have spurred this move even in Hindi cinema. I think that's because there is 2.0 and it was Robot i Baahubali, that there will be cinematic eyes that will really follow them. "

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