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Simon Cowell abolishes The X Factor song because he hates it

Tell us what you really mean, Simon! (Image: ITV)

Simon Cowell has abolished the topic of X Factor because he has enough of it.

The 59-year-old music mogul has not liked the song for years and has now invited musicians in Los Angeles to find a replacement melody.

Speaking to The Sun in Sunday's papers, Simon explained: "Removing the thematic song – I can not listen to it again.

Things You get used to these things, but it's one of the three worst themed songs I've ever heard.

Around I'm asking LA to see if anyone can write something new to us. I would like the "X Factor" to be like a Bond movie and have a new theme every year.

Simon also discovered that the show should have a makeover.

Simon is currently recording the Celebrity X factor in Malibu (photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

"I have not yet decided how it will look – but I have met with the designer," he said.

It has recently been announced that Simon is at the pinnacle of securing an agreement that will see that X Factor and the British Got Talent remained in the air until 2022.

Simon has reached an agreement with ITV to keep them on the channel for the next three years, claims the TV insider.

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The source said: "Recently, meetings were held between Simon's manufacturers and ITV executives to extract some details, but Simon is already planning to upgrade ITV's successes.

"Everyone is looking forward to the future."

The judge is currently recording the highly anticipated Celebrity X in Malibu.

The Celebrity X Factor should be released in the autumn.

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